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Such groups may have a different language or culture or religion from the rest of the state and are often geographically peripheral. Kurdish separatism in turkey, syria, iraq, and iran. Iranian conflict is an ongoing, long running, separatist dispute between the. The nature of separatism when the people of a region feel alienated from central government, they often seek to gain more political control. A common definition of separatism is that it is the advocacy of a state of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious. The case studies are rather imbalanced and the quality of the argument, whilst strong in places, could be structured a bit better, e. The previous article made the case that this is a good time for a declaration of independence, and can be read here. Kurdish separatism case study this case study will look at the later. Partiya kerkeren kurdistan.

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Separatism, say who the kurds are and will locate kurdistan. Basque language, euskara, is unique and distinctive, but the extent of the basque country is subject to debate. First, an independent kurdish state next door could incite iran. Most of the kurdish population is located in northern syria. S kurds for independence. There has been plenty of contemporary conflict and challenge case study content for you particularly when looking at the separatism section. Association of patriotic. Ali, michael kilcommons, brian aguilar typology questions what is the ideology of the pkk. Ve been watching the news recently. The basque separatist movement. What do they want and why are some fighting turkey. It kurdish separatism case study will examine a range of reasons for. There are four provinces in northern spain and three in sw france.

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Qandil mountains in northern iraq. S own kurdish minority, setting a. In this second of two articles on kurdistan, gri examines the likely repercussions of an independent. The case of aceh, indonesia. Tehran is increasingly nervous about a potential bid by. Sorbs separatism in germany. The kurds geofileonline separatist pressures. Transcript of kurdish conflict case study. Kurdish teachers inception origins. Ethnic separatism and violent conflict.

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