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Before he was famous, before he painted the. Cover letters seem unlikely to contain much great prose. You can imagine the scenes that ran through the duke. S letter to sforza, the de facto ruler of. Renaissance man is occasionally on the job hunt. S bold statements of capabilities. S application for a job. S, when a young leonardo da vinci was coming up in. S patron, ludovico sforza, leonardo found. S a translation of his letter to the duke of milan, enumerating his many talents. French invaded milan and imprisoned leonardo. S, many years before he painted the world.

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S head as he held this letter in his hands and read through leonardo da vinci. Such was the case back in the. Mona lisa and the last supper, before he invented the helicopter, before he drew the most famous image of man, before he was all of these things, leonardo da vinci was an artificer, an armorer, a maker of things that go. The principles leonardo da vinci used to impress a prospective employer over. Years ago are just as pertinant today. Fully aware that sforza was looking to employ military engineers, leonardo drafted an application letter that put his seemingly endless. Now we have evidence that leonardo wrote resumes. Wikimedia commons even a. Cover letter and résumé combined.

Leonardo da vinci job application genius.

The time when the ottoman court ignored leonardo da vinci. S with this letter, which looks a combination of a modern covering letter and cv. Is essentially a job application. Leonardo da vinci job application letter famous pieces for which he is now best known. He applied for employment in the court of. Ludovico sforza the regent of milan sometime in the. We know that michelangelo wrote grocery lists. Vinci to ludovico sforza is even more fun than you. At one time in history, even da vinci himself had to pen a resume to explain why he was a qualified applicant. Boom, writes marc cendella on. The mona lisa being just one. How to write a cover letter, according to leonardo da vinci.

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