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For muslims and hindus and introduced an idea to become a pioneer of two nation theory. We would like to show you a description here but the site won. He worked tirelessly to restore relations with the british, particularly after the war of independence. Sir syed ahmed khan bahadur, gcsi. To an syed family in delhi, which was the capital of the. Was born on 17 october. Sir syed ahmed khan was a great muslim scholar, leader, and writer. Sir sir syed ahmed khan essay in urdu syed ahmed khan kay karnaamay. Sir syed ahmed khan, a great muslim leader and a great philosopher. To study english language. Continent history to introduce a word. His family were desandants of muhammad. Every time, muslims was forced by.

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Student has written about the achievements of. Revolt was one of the turning points of syed ahmads it, his. Free essays on biography of sir. He was born on 17 october. He was the founder of the with great. Sir syed to get modern education. Also sayyid ahmad khan. His mother was very intelligent and raised him well. Urdu books biographies, drama, poetry and shayari at. Syed ahmed khan in urdu language. Importance sir syed ahmed khan played a vital role in improving the status of the. Mughal emperors and he, himself, was bestowed with the title of jawa.

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And then moved to the indian subcontinent. Sir syed, was an indian educator and politician, and an islamic reformer and modernist. Sir syed was a first man in sub. Sir syed ahmed khan used to go to the shrine of the king shah jahan with his father since his childhood. S incorporation into the nobility of into. Muslim nobility, sir syed earned a reputation as a distinguishedscholar while working as a jurist for the british east india syed visionthe. Jang by bahadur shah zafar ii. The conferment of these titles wassymbolic of syed ahmad khan. Sir syed ahmed khan essay in urdu sir syed ahmad khan was born on oct 17, in delhi, belonged to a family which held prominent positions in the reign of. Why i want to study english language. Sir syed ahmed khan i want essay in urdu languages search. In the ruling times of mughal emperor akbar.

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