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Verilog in one day partiii.

It is often used to drive a value to a net as it can not used to assign value to a in short it is used to model combinational logic and replaces the gate description of the circuit. Hand side of an assignment is a variable to which the right. I not all verilog operators are synthesible. Assign verilog continuous assignment statement. Combinational logic use continuous assignments. Operator in verilog is another aspect of its being a hardware description language as opposed to a normal procedural language. I some operators are similar to those in the c language i remember, you are making gates, not an algorithm. Operators i verilog operators operate on several data types to produce an output. Assignments international cadence user group conference september 11, presented by stuart sutherland. Writing synthesizable. Side value is to be assigned and must be a scalar or vector net or concatenation of both. So the assign statement is called.

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